Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Easy DIY Upgrades

The standard amenities and options at Pacific Place will help you personalize your new home, but there's always little things you can do here and there all on your own to make your home special, and don't forget that feeling of accomplishment once you've finished a task.

There are several advantages to do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Not only are they more cost effective than hiring someone else, there is an amazing satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Sometimes, the only thing holding people back from DIY projects is a fear of not knowing how to do things. Well - we say phooey on that excuse! Not only are there a ton of easy and affordable DIY upgrades you can make to your very own home, the internet provides a wealth of information and step-by-step instructions.

5 Easy DIY Upgrades

Not all DIY projects require a construction background to be successful. Most first-time DIYers find the projects get easier as you go along because you learn (and build your tool collection!) as you go.

  1. Painting. Painting has to be one of the easiest ways to transform your interior space all by yourself. While it is time consuming (if you are doing anything larger than a bathroom) it is affordable and the results of your labors appear right before your very eyes. A fresh coat of paint literally makes a room look like new. Here is a great link with simple instructions on painting a room using best painting practices. DIY painting jobs can save you thousands on labor costs.
  2. Bathrooms. Plumbing can be one of the scariest places for newbie DIYers but once you turn off the water supply, there's (almost) nothing to worry about. Changing bathroom fixtures updates a bathroom instantly. Here are instructions to replace a bathroom vanity, but toilets are just as easy. Then you just need a fresh coat of paint (see #1) and you're set!
  3. Kitchens. Don't have the money for a full kitchen remodel but want something different? A DIY backsplash project can be as easy or complex as you want and will change your kitchen's look - especially when paired with a new paint job (see why it's #1?). You can use wall paper, recycled wine corks, prefabricated tile sheets, etc. and get a new kitchen look without having to replace your countertops. Of course replacing your countertops is another DIY idea...
  4. Add a Window Insert to an Entry Door. An old entry door might work well enough but not really provide much aesthetic value. However, there are a plethora of window inserts available that will upgrade the door's look and add natural light into your adjoining interior space. It's actually a fairly easy DIY project for a nice weather day. Here's one set of instructions for how you can add a window to an existing entry door. Voila - your house just got a face lift.
  5. Landscaping. Speaking of face lifts for your home, landscaping has to be one of the most enjoyable and simple ways to change the exterior look of your house. From hanging plants and container gardens, to rock gardens and water features, landscaping on your own is immensely satisfying.
These 5 DIY projects can all be done in the span of a weekend or less and the results will be just what the home doctor ordered.

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