Monday, October 8, 2012

Wall Street Journal Launches "Mansion"

We are all familiar with the long-standing mantra of the American Dream: get married, buy a house, raise a family and retire comfortably. However, with the advent of reality TV and the public's uber-voyeuristic fixation with Hollywood celebrity lifestyles - including their top dollar real estate investments, the American Dream has been upgraded. Now, ask any young adult what his/her version of the American Dream is and it's something a little closer to: get rich, become famous, live in a mansion, and have my own TV show.

Well, while Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous may now only air reruns, the Wall Street Journal has just launched its own paper and online version titled, "Mansion". Mansion will begin running in the WSJ every Friday and will focus on some of the most high-end luxury real estate, both at home and abroad. Additional features will be accessible via, and using their universal apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Step into WSJ's Mansion

Ever wanted to own your own island? No problem. Luxury homes await your purchase on Belden Island and/or Jepson Island off the coast of Connecticut. This week's "Mansion" viewings will take you to Puerto Rico, Gramercy Park and Silicon Valley. You can visit New Jersey, New York, and even a luxury-coop in London which was formerly a 19th century lunatic asylum. And if that isn't enough, "Mansion" will also focus on celebrity properties, or properties of the rich and well-known. This week, interested viewers can take a peek into the home of celebrated writer, poet, feminist, and wise-woman-extraordinaire, Maya Angelou.

It's addicting. You can read about the homes, their architects and/or history and all of the juicy financial details. You can also take video tours and view extensive slideshows.
The WSJ intends for Mansion to be a well-rounded, aesthetically attractive, one-stop-site where viewers are not only treated to real estate eye candy from around the globe, but can also receive intelligent and factual information regarding:
  • Current luxury real estate trends
  • Luxury property investor hot spots
  • Profiles of real renovation projects
  • In-depth looks at notable, historical, or unusual properties - who lives there, the building's history, and how it became the property it is today
  • Sneak peaks at real live real estate portfolios of well-known people
  • Tips on how to finance your next luxury home purchase
  • Insights into luxury market trends, business tips on buying and selling properties, as well as marketing trends
  • And of course, lots and lots of in-depth looks at properties that will make you drool, or inspire you to call your real estate broker, depending on the state of your own financial portfolio.
So next Friday, make a lunch date with your fellow workmates and take a trip around the world, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. Stroll through some of the most beautiful properties on the market and imagine what it's like to own one. It's always good to keep dreaming.

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