Monday, December 10, 2012

Should You Put Your House On The Market During the Holidays?

Contrary to what you might think, the holidays are actually a great time to put your house on the market. Your instincts might say, "but things are so crazy! Who has time to look? Don't more homes sell during the spring and summer?"  While there are some conflicting messages about whether or not the holidays are a good time to buy/sell real estate, we think the pros outweigh the cons.

Why Put Your House on the Market During the Holidays?

The perfect staging opportunity. If you have been looking at homes, or have been considering selling yours for a while, you probably already understand the importance of properly staging a home for sale. Potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves feeling at home if they purchase your house. Nothing says, Home like one that is decorated for the holidays. In fact, holiday decorating is probably one of the most affordable ways to stage a home and show it off at its best. Pack up your clutter and personalized items and use holiday decorations to showcase your home's best features.

Time to house hunt
. Kids are off on winter break, employees are using up the last of this year's vacation and sick time, and people need something to do with their relatives when sitting around the house gets old. Is there a better opportunity for house hunting? You will probably be amazed at the level of foot traffic your home receives during the weeks surrounding the holidays.

Low competition. Because selling real estate over the holidays seems counterintuitive, many people wait for spring or summer. That means your home has less competition for those who are in the market and need - or want - to buy sooner rather than later. Remember, although the bulk of home sales may happen during the spring and summer months, real estate transactions are occurring everyday, 12-months out of the year. By being a bigger fish in a little pond, you have the advantage in terms of a quick sale without a lot of haggling which can happen when things return to more of a buyer's market.

Interest rates. This holiday season provides a unique window of opportunity; interest rates are still low and an inauguration is just around the corner. Real estate experts all agree that hedging on what the market may or may not do can cost you thousands of dollars. The best strategy is to put your house for sale in a market you are sure about. Buyers who are unsure of what interest rates will do next presidential term might be more antsy to purchase a home before January 20th (or the 21st as far as 2013's public ceremony is concerned). If your house is up for sale, it's more likely it will be snatch up by buyers who want to make sure they benefit from the low interest rates.

This holiday season could be your best opportunity for celebrating a quick and painless real estate transaction. Merry House Selling!

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