Saturday, January 12, 2013

How NOT to Sell A House

Your agent calls, the first prospective buyers are on their way. Yes! They open the door, step into the foyer and their noses begin to crinkle. The husband whispers, "what's that smell?" and then they silently begin to tour the house with their hands inside their pockets. Sure, you knew there was a bit of a musty smell in the air from time to time. But what do people expect? C'mon!

Reasons People Won't Want to Buy Your House

Wrong. Actually, unpleasant odors are a major turn off for buyers. There is a plethora of articles out there on ways to help sell your house, such as improving curb appeal or tips to stage your home. But sometimes it's a good idea to learn what not to do since a staged home that smells like mildew isn't a good idea either. Keep these items in mind as you prepare your home for its upcoming sale.

What's that smell?

The only odor people want to smell when they're touring a home is fresh baked cookies or a clean, mild, neutral scents. Wet dog, cigarette smoke, a hint of mildew, and Eau de Kitty Litter are not very inspiring. Sometimes we get so used to living with our own home's scents, we don't realize they might be off-putting to others. Ask a friend or family member who doesn't live with you to give an honest assessment and then take action if they notice an odor. If you're a smoker, you will probably have to replace the carpeting/pads and repaint walls at the bare minimum and then keep your smoking outside until you move.

Pets Galore

Is this a residence or a pet shop? We all love our pets, but some of us love more pets than others. If you're a multi-pet person, it's a good idea to crate them and remove them when the house is being shown. A dog or cat here and there is usually okay, but when three St. Bernards, four cats, and two parrots greet potential buyers they imagine a lifetime of excrement tainted carpeting - and that doesn't feel like home.

Cleanliness is next to...

Buyers want to walk into a clean home. End of story. You might think they can imagine the place cleaned up. They can't. Or they don't want to. Ew. They don't want to buy something caked in others' dirt and grime. Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the worst offenders. Do your best to clean it up.

Out of sight, Out of mind

Believe it or not, no matter how cheerful, friendly, or supportive you are about your house, buyers don't usually want to see you. They want to imagine the house is theirs, and that's difficult to do if you are standing around or worse - following them as they tour the house. Try to be elsewhere so buyers can view your home objectively and imagine it being theirs.

Paying attention to the "Dos and Don'ts" of real estate sales will help your home sell as quickly as possible.

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