Friday, February 15, 2013

Innovative Kitchen Appliances are Smarter Than Ever

Did you ever watch The Jetsons when you were a child? Cars that flew, robots that cleaned the house, and kitchens that made meals and cleaned up on their own. Who didn't fantasize about that futuristic lifestyle? While the world of innovative kitchen appliances isn't quite there yet, you would be amazed at what modern appliances are able to do these days.

Today's modern kitchen appliances are more energy efficient, attractive, and smarter - yes, smarter - than ever before. We thought we would take the time to highlight the must have appliances for this year's kitchen remodelers.

The World's Smartest Appliances

Invisible Dishwashers. We thought it was pretty impressive when dishwashers became "whisper quiet." And when we saw the first models that utilized cabinet facing to help the dishwashers blend into the kitchen design, we thought, "brilliant!" But just look at some of the amazing features new dishwasher models can offer.

The Bosh dishwasher is more than just the quietest dishwasher in North America. It also won the Energy Star award for distinguished excellence due to it's water and detergent sensing features, multiple which adjust the water/detergent according to the dish load, multiple wash cycle options, and a high efficiency heating element. Like to entertain? Bosh claims you can wash the dishes from a dinner party serving 14 in just a single load. That is something worth investing in.

Smart Refrigerators. Here is where kitchen appliances really start to get Jetsonesque. There are several refrigerators on the market that are energy efficient - using as little energy as a single 100-watt light bulb! But we are über impressed with the LG Smart ThinQ. It can tell you what's in the fridge, what's going to spoil if you don't use it soon, and potential menu options based on the ingredients stored inside. All of the information can be accessed using your SmartPhone App. So our question is, "what's for dinner?"

Built-in Coffee Station. A built-in coffee station, such as this coffee hutch, are becoming a standard installation for modern luxury kitchen designs and remodels. They allow you to brew a traditional cup o' joe, or step it up and notch and create gourmet coffee drinks in your very own kitchen. It's hard not to want one when you see one.

Wine Storage. Everyone loves a nice glass of wine, but those of us who live in the Bay Area have to admit we are a bit spoiled by having the Sonoma and Napa wine meccas right in our own backyard. Need a place to store your collection but don't have room for a cellar? No problem. The SubZero Wine storage options are high-tech, attractive, and can be built-in to your kitchen. Say arrivederci to over-chilled whites from the fridge, and lukewarm reds from your room temperature wine rack. Now you can offer your guests - and yourself - wine bar-worthy pours.

It's hard to imagine where kitchen appliances will be headed from here but for now, your modern kitchen can be as well designed as a professional bistro kitchen. Bon Appétit!


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