Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tired of Bleary Winter Weather? Brighten Your Interior With Color

We humans may not hibernate, but winter is still a season for hunkering down, catching up on reading and indoor hobbies, and planning the upcoming year. While there is beauty in the harsh winter landscape, the lack of color can become dreary. Winter light and cloudy skies can make your home's interior seem darker than normal. Combine that with a lack of sun and your interior decor may seem downright depressing.

If the winter doldrums are a reality for you too, you don't need to do a complete remodel, but it might be time to look at how bright colorful home design accents will cheer you up and add vibrance to your interior space.

Colorful interior design ideas that will cheer up your winter days

Winter is when home furnishing stores begin to show off their upcoming colorful spring lines. Take advantage of this by picking up interior design accents that will add color to a dark corner or room.

Feng Shui. Use all of that indoor time to learn about the art of Feng Shui home design. Winter days provide the perfect opportunity to study up on how to increase the positive energy flow of your home using the ancient principles of Feng Shui. By the time you welcome spring, your home will be ready to embrace a new season with a positive and harmonious outlook.

Vases: Talk about versatile accent pieces - vases are small, easy to store, and can be mixed, matched, and rearranged for different effects. Visit your local florist and pick up some seasonal bouquets to liven up your living space even further.

: A bright and colorful lamp is a great way to literally light up a dark corner. You'll appreciate the pop of color and the extra interior light. Try using colorful light bulbs or switch your normal lamp shades for something with more color or a decorative pattern. This article from HGTV shows how you can repurpose an old garage sale lamp with a little imagination, a coat of paint, and a new shade.

Accent wall. Papering or painting an accent wall is a great way to use up a dreary winter afternoon and completely transform a space. If you aren't interested in making a permanent commitment, try using a bright, cheery, piece of fabric or a batik to temporarily add a bright spot. Check out these ideas for adding color to your home using temporary wall paper or fabric starching.

Pillow Shams. Rather than purchasing a collection of cheap accent pillows, try buying high-quality throw pillows and finding deals on versatile pillow shams. In one box you can store a year's worth of seasonal shams. Simply change the old for the new and voila! It's like a brand new pillow.

Beat the winter blues by finding ways to bring spring into your home a little early. Having a project to work on, and enjoying the visual fruits of your labors, will make the winter doldrums become a thing of the past.

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