Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Cleaning De-Cluttering Tips for Your Home

How many winters do you imagine yourself spending the cold, rainy days inside, de-cluttering and deep cleaning your house. Then those cold, rainy days arrive and you have a million other things to do and never get around to the De-Cluttering Extravaganza you envisioned. If that sounds familiar then take the bull by the horns and get it together. Use the "Spring Cleaning" excuse to de-clutter your closets and your house, making them perfectly presentable for your summertime socializing.

Clean the Closets. It's time to pack up your sweaters and cold-weather gear and make way for spring and summertime clothing. That means, you can multi-task and throw in a little de-cluttering action while you're at it. Rules of thumb:
  • If you haven't worn it in the past year and you don't LOVE it, donate it.
  • If you haven't worn it in the past year AND it doesn't fit, pass it on.
  • If you haven't worn it in the past year and it's stained or damaged, toss it.
Using those three rules of thumb, will get rid of a surprising amount of clothing and shoes. If your pass-it-on pile is big enough, have a clothing swap party with some friends.

Just Say No to Piles. Are there visible pile ups in your house? If so, tackle these next. Choose a pile and stick with it until it's gone. Use boxes or paper bags to divide it into "trash", "recycle", and "put away" piles and then deal with those when the pile is gone. If there are papers and/or magazines you keep meaning to read but don't get to, recycle or donate them. Cancel subscriptions to magazines you never read. It will prevent further clutter and you can often access them online anyway. Be ruthless. Nobody wants to become a hoarder, but piles are the first step in the wrong direction. 

Eliminate Junk. One way to minimize those piles is to stop receiving all the junk mail, and non-junk mail you don't want to receive. You can use online sites, such as When you pay $1, they reduce your junk mail by 75% in just three months. It's a pretty good deal. You only need one phone book. Call the publishers of the others you receive and ask to be taken off their list. Contact catalog companies and ask to be removed from their lists as well. It may take more than one phone call but it will be worth it.

Buy Organizers
. There are so many stylish organizers available. Plastic crates, wood baskets, stainless steel shelving, etc. Use this year's tax refund and finally purchase the organizers you have been talking about. It you go the plastic tote route, we recommend using clear plastic so that you can see what is in there, in addition to labeling them clearly. 

Once your home is de-cluttered, take a deep breath and look around. Make a commitment to take one minute every day (that's 6 hours a year!) to keep clutter in check. Here's to a clutter free spring!

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